Do what's right for kids!

I support a child first philosophy and will be an advocate for children as a board member.  In each discussion and decision I will strive to ask the question "what's the right thing to do for kids?"  I am passionate about student achievement and will advocate for our diverse student population.  Each child can and will learn and it is worth the effort.
Fiscally responsible

Over the next several years as we see the budget increase, much discernment will be needed.  Districts must be fiscally responsible and make the best decisions for the dollars.  As a director, I had to live the challenges of the large urban district and matching dollars with needs.  I did this thoughfully, selflessly and successfully.

Safety first

Our schools must be safe for kids.  As an employee, I supported and worked hard to accomplish safe rooms at each site and secure entries whenever possible.  I will continue to be a supporter of safe schools. Each one of our students has to be fed, clothed and feel safe to be able to learn.

Smooth transition


We are entering into a new era with four board seat terms ending and with the departure of Supt. Allison.  As an administrator, I formed relationships with principals, staff, city and community leaders and current board members. I am a known asset and will make for a smooth and seamless transition.